Hire Car Rental Terms & Conditions

Our hours of business:

Monday to Friday – 8.30am to 4.30pm
Saturday – 8:30am to 11:30pm

Please be advised these are the only times available for pick-up or return of motor vehicles. We are closed Sundays and Public Holidays, and we also observe a Christmas / New Year shut-down.

Vehicle Pricing

Our $20 per day vehicles are older models, averaging 10 years of age, with later models starting at $25 per day. All the vehicles in our fleet are air conditioned and fully maintained by our own on-site certified mechanics. Our reliability speaks for its self with most of our clientele coming to us through recommendation.

All prices quoted are for ONE nominated driver.

Metropolitan Area: Defined as being within a 70km radius of Fremantle (We DO include Mandurah in this radius) with 100 km’s per day included. (Excess kilometres are charged at a rate of 25c per kilometre).

Small 2 door manual hatchback
$140 per week
Minimum 7 days hire – No refund for early return

$175 per week
Minimum 3 days hire $90

Mid sized Sedan or hatches. Manual or automatic
$175 per week
Minimum 3 day hire is available at $30.00 per day

Larger sedans/station wagons. Automatic
$189.00 per week
Minimum 3 day hire is available at $35.00 per day

Single Day $60 : 3 days – $135 : Weekly $280

Country Area: Defined as being within a 600km radius of Fremantle with a 200 km per day allowance included

Cars from $45 per day & 200 km’s per day. (Excess kilometres are charged at a rate of 25c per kilometre) Minimum 3 day hire.

Drivers 21-24 – $5.00 per day extra is compulsory

General Conditions:

We have a few simple conditions applicable to our value packed deals.

  1. The driver must be aged 21 years or above. 

    If you are aged between 21 –24 then an additional $5 per day applies to your rental tariff.
  2. The driver must be the holder of a current driver’s licence valid for use in Western Australia.

    We accept almost any driver’s licence provided it is translated in English. We recommend you obtain an ‘International Driving Permit’ before traveling to Australia.
  3. The driver must produce recent photograph identification. 

    Driver’s Licence, Passport, Student Identification Card, Library Card or Security Identification Card are just a few examples of acceptable photograph id – you may have something else which is acceptable like a Credit Card with photograph – basically any form of official photograph id is OK.
  4. The driver must be able to verify current residential address.
    Latest telephone or electricity account, bank statement, Credit Card statement etc. Almost anything is fine providing it has been posted to your current residential address within 1-2 weeks prior to pick-up.
  5. If you are visiting Western Australia from another state or country, in addition to the above verification of your usual residential address, you will also need full details of your Perth address including contact phone number (perhaps a rental accommodation receipt for a period exceeding the term of the car hire period or a friend/family member’s local details).
  6. Payment of a Security Deposit Bond
    A Security Deposit Bond of just $500 applies to drivers aged 25 years and above. The Bond is paid at the commencement of hire and held as a security deposit pending safe return of the car.  If you are aged between 21-24 years of age, the bond required is $1000. You may pay the bond by cash of $1000 (Subject to conditions).
  7. Permitted Areas of Travel:

    • Metropolitan Area – is defined as being within a 70km radius of Fremantle (We do include Mandurah in this radius)
    • Country Area – is defined as being within a 600km radius of Fremantle. Travel to unauthorised destinations will nullify your insurance and roadside assistance and will result in the loss of your security bond.

What is included in the cost of hire?

The cost of the car rental includes 100 kms per day tor metropolitan use and 200kms per day for country use.

  • All government taxes
  • 24 hour RAC roadside assistance
  • Standard insurance is included in any price you are quoted!
    The base rental tariff assumes the driver is over the age of 25 years.  The policy covers you in the event of an accident with another vehicle, with multiple vehicles or in a single car accident. The policy does not extend to theft. There are also no nasty surprises such as a decline of cover if the accident occurs whilst reversing! The insurance we have is amongst the best available anywhere in Australia but does not extend to costs related to towing or salvage. The standard excess payable in the event of an accident is $1250.00 (subject to conditions) and applies regardless of fault.  If you are not at fault for the accident, you are entitled to recover your costs from the responsible party or their insurer. Optional participation in our excess waiver further reduce your liability at a cost of $5 per day for each driver.
  • Overseas/International drivers licence excess from $1500.

Further Information

If the sole driver of the vehicle is aged between 21 – 24 years of age, please add a further $5 per day to the rental tariff. If you require a 2nd driver insurance, the cost will be an additional $5 per day for a driver 25 years of age or over and an additional $10 per day for a driver 21-24 years of age.

Our insurance excess is generally $1250.00 providing you are over 25 years of age and have an Australian Drivers Licence. If you are aged between 23 – 24, an additional excess of $500 applies ie: total excess payable $1750.  If you are aged between 21 – 22, the total excess payable is $2500. Providing you have held a driver’s licence for more than 2 years and your driver history is good with no medical conditions likely to affect your driving ability, no other excess is generally applicable. An excess is only payable in the event of an accident or damage to the motor vehicle. If you successfully recover the damages from a third party, then no cost whatsoever is borne by you.

We offer an insurance waiver option reducing the standard insurance excess as follows:-
Over 25 – Reduced to $500
Under 25 – Reduced to $750
Between 21 – 22 – Reduced to $1000
This optional cover is in addition to the above insurance and costs $5 per day per driver. It is not compulsory and Qualification Conditions Apply.
* Our tariffs are fully quoted and have no hidden charges!

What is NOT included in the cost of hire?

We do not offer an airport pick-up and/or delivery service. Our off-airport services allow us to provide discounted rates without the expensive location overheads. These savings are passed on to you. 

There is a coach service available at reasonable prices.
Insurance cover for damage caused by wildlife is specifically excluded from our car rental insurance. The cover does NOT extend to theft, malicious damage or window/windscreen damage.

A break-down of the vehicle due to operator error (for example: low or no fuel, keys locked in car, broken key or flat battery) will result in a call-out fee being payable by you. The roadside service is complimentary for mechanical failures only – not operator error or non-urgent items.

Excess kilometres travelled over and above those included in your rental accumulate and are charged at a cost of 25c per additional kilometre.

Fuel is not included in the price of your rental and must be replaced to the level indicated on your car hire agreement. Fuel prices can fluctuate regularly by as much as 10c per litre, so keeping an eye out for discounted fuel could save you valuable $.  A fuel service applies in addition to the cost of refuelling if we are required to fill the vehicle.

Cigarette smoking, transportation of pets and tampering with company identification affixed to the vehicle is not permitted and may result in a bond deduction.

Booking Procedure & Cancellation:

A booking deposit guarantees availability! The minimum booking deposit payable is $75.00

If you prefer the personal touch please feel free to call us on (08) 9433 5633. You can either come into our office and pay your deposit; pay directly into our bank account (details below); mail an Australia Post Money Order to our address; or over the phone. All booking deposits come off the cost of your car rental total but are refundable in the event of a cancellation within 7 days of your proposed pick-up. Please be sure of your booking requirements prior to making a payment, no exceptions will be made with regard to our cancellation policy.

If you are paying directly into our bank account, please use our ANZ bank account details as below:

Account Name: Fremantle Car Hire
BSB: 016 307
Account Number: 4990 79546

With any payment you make please include your full contact details as well as the class of vehicle you require, total cost & dates of rental. Drop us an email to ensure your payment is credited to the correct account, please attach your remittance advice to notify us of payment. We do not accept responsibility for bookings made where full contact details have not been provided.

Please ensure that if transferring funds from outside Australia, that you take into consideration fees and charges levied by financial institutions handling the transfer. Our bank may also charge a fee to process overseas transfers, and if applicable, you will be provided with notification and evidence of the cost.